Sunday, 25 September 2011

Uninversity Update

I've not been posting lately. Its because I've been so busy moving to University. I'm in my new house and unpacked now so I should return to properly blogging soon. I didn't take any pictures of the drive down because I foolishly packed my camera up so I probably won't do anything about arriving here. I will take some pictures of my explorations in my new city. Its so beautiful so far everything is sun kissed and swept with greenery. Its so unlike the skyscraper city I'm so very used to. 

Belinda Stepford

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Skittles for Shoting

Adding things to alcohol is a tradition old as time. Weather its damsons in gin or sloes in vodka, it is incredibly simple with great results.  My first experiment was Skittles Vodka. A deceptively tasty drink that sneaks up on you as it does not taste alcoholic.  All You need is;

2-4 To share bags of Skittles 
1 Large bottle of Vodka
Assorted bottles

Firstly you need to empty the skittles into a bowl so you can separate them out with easy. They look like little jewels, it is so tempting to eat them all right there but resist. 

Separate the Skittles into bottles. You can either separate it into colour so the liquid turns out the separate colours, or dump them sporadically. I only used two packets so I used two colours for each bottle so it wasn't to diluted. 

The fill the bottles with vodka, it doesn't have to be great quality as the flavour will cover the taste anyway. The seal it tightly and shake for a good few minutes. You'll notice a colour change instantly. 

Then set it aside and leave for a week or so until all the sweets have dissolved. There will be a thick cream like substance floating on the top, that is sugar solids. 

Filter it out through a jam muslin be careful when your pouring so you don't shake it to much or it will break up the sugar solids.  Now wash out the bottle and the muslin.

Once you've done that fold the muslin and put it in a pouring cone so it creates a filter. Then pour the vodka gently through the filter back into the bottle.  Then reseal the bottles. 

Now all you need to do is label the bottles, I used package labels for that vintage look. Labelling with little nerdy jokes.  The drink tastes amazing straight as shots or mixed with something like lemonade. I'd defiantly recommend trying this. 

Belinda Stepford