Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sugar Stars

I saw on niftythriftythings blog and thought I'd give it a go. Sugar cubes are so cute and a quick way of making something mundane interesting and a bit classier. 

1 cup of granulated sugar
2 regular tablespoons of water
A trap of either mini ice cubes or chocolate moulds
Flat surface, I used a tea tray because I could place the tray on top of the mould and flip it over quickly

Add the sugar to a bowl, if there are any large lumps of dried up sugar either break them up or remove them out.  The add the water to the sugar, don't add both spoons at once stir in one then see if you need the other. what you are aiming for is the consistency of damp sand.

Then add the damp sugar to the ice cube trays, push it down with your finger tips so it is really compressed, think sand castle building for grown ups. I used these sweet star shaped moulds because I thought they would be rather quirky. 

Leave in the trays for ten minutes then carefully flip the ice cube trays onto the flat surface and gently the shapes out. Then leave to stand for an hour, don't touch them as they will fall apart.

Once finished they are pretty solid and can be stored like your average sugar cubes, they look beautiful in the light almost as though they have glitter in them. I used white sugar but you could use brown sugar. They are just adorable. 

Belinda Stepford

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