Monday, 15 August 2011

Whats Been Going On...

I've been rushed off my feet lately, between starting work and getting ready for university I've not posted in a while. One of the things thats been occupying my time has been making chutney with my Mim. One of my fathers friends is a green grocer and he gave us a massive box full of mixed vegetables that needed to be used quickly, so we made vats full of preserve. We made it up as we went so there's no recipe. 

I've also been shopping for University things. So far my favourite buy has some plates that I bought in a Habitat closing down sale. Habitat was a very well regarded british design store that was another victim of the economy failing.  My Mim and I where shopping and I went in originally looking for a bedside lamp but from across an aisle I noticed a plate and HAD to have it. Then I noticed the other plates and bought the lot. I asked if there where anymore things in the range like bowls but unfortunately that was a new range that never got completed before they went into receivership.

Ducks, Pheasants and Stag! So awesome. I bought four of each and there was only one Stag plate but that's a large serving plate so that's all right.  I'm only going to take one pheasant and one duck plate to university with me, the rest I'm going to put away before leaving and then have it as my service when I have my own place.  My mim loved them, honestly I think she wants them for herself. So when we where in habitat I persuaded her to buy a cushion so she didn't feel left out. It might not match the current living room but it will match the next house, because we've already picked out the paint and furnishings. Sad I know. The cushion also matches our dogs...

I've also bought a sewing machine that I have no idea how to use... so expect some projects in the near future.

Belinda Stepford

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