Monday, 16 April 2012

Spring Shopping

I've been having a rather rough time with clothes, I tore one of my silk skirts and I've obliterated the zips on some of my favourite dresses. Though honestly I've had my wear out of them, I'm a big fan of second hand clothing. I hate waste and believe if something is useable then you should keep using it so to Ebay I headed. Nothing cost me over twenty pounds, the average was probably closer to five pounds.  My first purchase was a little surprise, I clicked watch and forgot about it completely... Then Fatherbean bought it for me. Utterly fabulous.

Its a lovely one hundred percent silk L.K Bennett summer dress, with detectable straps. It fits me like a glove and feels amazing against the skin. It had been worn once, most people don't wear formal clothes very often I am most certainly not one to let formality stop me from wearing a gorgeous dress. Please excuse the mess in the photographs the house move is on its way and their is stuff everywhere.

This next purchase is a Monsoon summer dress with a lovely floral design, it hugs my figure beautifully as it light cotton and perfect for my size, sometimes Monsoon sizes are a little hit and miss so I'm really pleased with how it looks on. The Empire line and bow really flatter the bust I think without being revealing. The dress feels new, even though it did arrive smelling a little musty once washed it was dandy.

Added to that I bought a amazing Jaeger skirt, when it arrived it was a lot longer than I thought i was going to be but I'm very glad that I bought it. The skirt hangs beautifully on my scrawny hips, the light grey is really flattering and the cut really makes it a classy piece of clothing even the zip follows the diagonal line of the seams. I know that bra is totally visible, I'd usually wear a nude one under white but I accidently left it at Winchester when I came home.

Another Jaeger find was this amazing colourful silk shirt, its painfully 80's I know but I love it. It has shoulder pads and cute little fabric covered buttons, not to mention a matching sash. I defiantly need to buy some chinos or something to go with it though, if it had been any brighter the colours would have looked garish but its muted enough that the pattern works. I played about adding a rather hipster hat I had lying around and pretended I was Boy George...

My Mim also bought me a skirt while in a Oxfam charity shop, a patchwork lined cotton Gypsy type skirt. Its very relaxed looking and perfect for summer. Worryingly it sits quite loose on me even though its a uk size six, hopefully thats just because its a Per Una skirt which is a brand aimed at older ladies.  Here I teamed it with a vintage Laura Ashley top, another Ebay find and a pink angora cardigan.

Belinda Stepford

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