Saturday, 18 August 2012

Puppy news from Rosie Darling!

We've had an email from Rosie our biggest and last born pup who went to live with the school teacher Helen. Rosie also got the mohawk gene like Angel but her's is even better! 

Firstly, can I start by apologising about my lack of e-mails!  I know I'm rubbish!!!  I've tried to send of couple of e-mails recently but the files were too big and wouldn't send so I gave up! I'm going to send only a couple of photos per e-mail and see how that does...  How is the lovely Lily and the others in the brood? 

Rosie is wonderful!  She has settled with her new family life perfectly and it's as if we've always had her!  She has become very well house trained with only a few accidents here and there.  She has been to two sets of training classes now and will generally do what we want her too - but she is certainly a Dachshund and it's all still very much on her terms!!!  She is however, becoming a very good guard dog and unfortunately tends to bark at everything that moves (but this is getting a little better)!  My poor neighbours!!!

We've had some fabulous holidays together.  She loves the beach and open fields. Running and gambolling around is her favourite thing.  She is the most loving and adorable little dog ever and she follows me everywhere!!!

We are going away to Cornwall tomorrow and she has recently come into season - so we'll all have to watch that she doesn't get any amorous advances from any other dogs!!! Nightmare. Has her sister come into season yet?

Well, I'm going to have a go at sending some photographs now...  Hope you are all well your end and that the house move went/is going smoothly. Take care and I will try and send some more update when we get back from Cornwall.

Love Helen X

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