Monday, 20 June 2011

Easy Pasta and Meatballs

Easy pasta and meat balls, okay its a bit of a cheat but it tastes great and is really colourful. Serves four. Its is basically made up from the stuff I had laying about in my fridge and needed to use up. 

Tsp of chopped chilli
Handful of chopped  broad beans pod
One Chopped aubergine
One Chopped pepper
Some pre cooked Meatballs
Jar of tomato pasta sauce (I used Dolmios)
Glug of red wine

Put a drip of olive oil in a large flat pan, add the chopped chilli and set the heat to medium. Add the Beans, aubergine and pepper to the pan and cook for around a minute.

Then toss in the meat balls, brown for about a minute and add the pasta sauce. You could make the sauce out of tomatoes and herbs and garlic but this is a quick recipe.

Then a a hearty glug of wine and put the pasta on to cook. The pasta should take about eight minutes. 

When the pasta is ready put a table spoon of the starchy water into to tomato sauce, and then drain the pasta. Dump the pasta in a bowl and cover with the sauce. Then crumble some blue cheese over the top, I literally just dumped it on top in a block because I'm lazy and Its melts anyway. 

Belinda Stepford

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