Monday, 3 October 2011

Chilli Oil

As promised a actual post about something kitchen related. When I first moved into my house my Mim noticed there was a green house hidden around the corner of the house, so we instantly made plans of what things I could grow. A trip to Homebase later and I have a collection of pepper plants, Chillies and various herbs that should see me through winter nicely. Thanks to the recent heat wave my chilli plant has been blasting out and is in full crop. The chillies are ridiculously spicy, I will admit to being the human guinea pig and placing a chopped bit on my tongue... much milk was chugged.

The excessive chillies had to be used before they went passed their best. So after a few chillies going into actual chillies I decided on making chilli oil. A classic fragrant useful sidekick to any chefs artillery and one of the simplest things to make ever. All you need is;

A bottle
A handful of chillies
Two garlic cloves
Enough olive oil to fill your bottle

all you need to do is put the chillies into your bottle. You can leave the storks on it doesn't effect flavour and looks rather aesthetically pleasing. I used an old fashioned pop bottle but you could use any bottle you've got.

Then depending on the size of your garlic cloves or the volume of your bottle add between one and three garlic cloves with the skin left on. 

Once you've done that pour your oil oil into a measuring jug and pour it into your bottles so it completely covers the chillies and garlic. I just used pretty cheap oil as the flavour is taken over by the chilli as it infuses so it doesn't really matter. I suppose you could use vegetable oil as a substitute.

That is it. All done. In less than five minutes you've created a really useful product that looks pretty and tastes amazing. It will gain in flavour the longer you leave it but if it gets too strong you can always remove the chillies and dilute it with more olive oil.

Belinda Stepford

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