Friday, 28 October 2011

Introducing Addi

Its unnatural to live without pets. It really is, so even though its against the rules I decided to get a pet. I thought I was going to get some fish. I bought a tank and everything, got to the store and walked past a cage full of the sweetest little creatures ever. So I bought one.

Addi is a Dwarf Hamster and I love her, utterly love her. She's named after the adipose from Doctor Who, as she is cute and fat. The guy at the pet store joked that hamsters are useless, difficult to catch and always end up biting you. He then opened the tank and went to get a net thing to catch her with, I put my hand out and she crawled onto it well behaved. He was very impressed.  I then had to walk home holding  hamster food under my arm and Addi in a box, I got some stares. I need to buy a hamster carrier at some point so I can take her home with me, on the train, all the way from Winchester to Liverpool. At christmas the house is going to be so full, The two family dogs (maybe some puppies), Two cats, My sisters two guinea pigs and now Addi as well. Insanity. 

Belinda Stepford

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