Monday, 9 July 2012

A Reappearance

Hi readers,

Regulars to my blog might that I've recently enabled ads on my blog, I realise this is somewhat odd timing as I haven't posted in a while but trust me I am working on it. I also figured that if I enabled ads then maybe I will have more of an incentive to post regularly. I've also been having some problems with photographs uploading, so I've resorted to using imgur which doesn't look as nice but it's better than having no photographs. I've been super busy with moving from my old house in Winchester into my new house in Winchester. Although I am going to be so sad not to be living with Lizzie and Maria, I am beyond excited to be moving with Laura in with Andy, Sophie and Beth my history society friends. 

In other news my sister is back home as well from university and we've been using the time to photograph each others pets. She has been struggling to get her guinea pigs looking slick and I've been struggling to get any photographs of Addi in focus. So naturally we swopped. 
The guinea pigs are both dark and their cage makes it difficult to get a decent angle on so I had to find a place that was bright, big enough but high sided... my conclusion bath tub. I actually managed to get some pretty decent photographs. 

My sister tried using the bath but Addis size and speed caused those photographs to come out a blur.  So she tried with my holding Addi and continually shooting, which yelding some much better results. 

Once I get past these technical issues I promise to post more often. 

Belinda Stepford

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