Tuesday, 31 July 2012

House progress

We got the house on Wednesday and by Saturday we had already near transformed it. Simply ripping out every single  vile stinking carpet out of the house made a huge difference and covering the house in candles. The rooms look instantly bigger and brighter. The house now smells of bleach and cleaning products not old Chinese food. It is so much more welcoming and easier to see the potential in the place. 

We also cleaned all the the windows and scrubbed the kitchen. My Mim and I scrubbed the kitchen surfaces for hours but they still felt greasy it was awful. Worst of all when we removed the tin foil from the wall there was grease underneath the foil, that was there so long it had been painted over. What cretin saw a greasy wall and thought, you know what would improve that... covering it in foil. yuck!

The kitchen despite hours of bleaching and scrubbing when I knelt on the work tops to clean the top of the units my knees stuck to the grease on the work tops. I was just trying to get them clean enough to put in the back of the car to take to the tip but they are so impossible to actually clean I think we're just going to have to put a tarp down and take them like that. My Mim tried to brighten our greasy kitchen up by bringing some flowers in from the garden and popping them in a tea pot. 

We also started de-weeding and tearing apart the garden, on a particularly sunny day. We managed to drag out four really established sycamore saplings, rather a lot of brambles and seeming never ending cleavers. All in all we've been very productive, when we weren't sitting in the sun drinking tea... 

I love playing house, its like the sims but real real life, so much fun.

Belinda Stepford

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