Thursday, 21 April 2011


Easter Treats

Rice crispy cakes are an Easter favorite, they are really simple to make and great for introducing kids to cookery as they are very quick to make. They are also goopy and messy to make but that is part of the fun and you don't create to much washing up.I don't know why but i was struck with the urge to make them the other day and have been dying to get some Rice Crispies ever since. I got ASDA( the English version of Walmart) own brand Crispy Rice Cereal because its way cheaper and it seems silly to pay extra for effectively the same product. The only faf is that its in a plastic bag which means i need to put it in a container.

Roughly 30g Rice Crispies ( I use the amount id have in a  bowl of cereal for breakfast )
160g Milk chocolate ( you can use dark chocolate and shavings of hazelnut to make them more grown up)
Mini eggs
4 square of spare chocolate
Golden syrup (optional)

Fill a fairy/cupcake tray with cases its easier if you get this out the way before you have you’re tasty chocolate tempting you. Then half fill a pan with boiling water and place a bowl over it. Make sure your bowl is not touching the water otherwise your chocolate will be ruined. Turn the heat on at medium. 

Break your chocolate into smallish pieces if the brand you have selected had large cubes chop them up a little. Then place this in the bowl and stir until the chocolate has completely melted.  Always use a wooden spoon as a metal one will conduct heat and you risk getting burnt.  Also keep an eye on the water in the pan to make sure there is always some in there. At this point you can add the Golden Syrup 

When your chocolate is all melted and lovely slowly add your Rice crispies to it and stir until they are completely covered.  Then take off the heat use oven gloves as the bowl can get quite hot. Place the bowl on a tea towel or plate to stop it burning your counter. Add the mixture to the fairy cake cases with a tea spoon, pat the center down with the back of the spoon to create a dip in the center to make the nest shape.  

Leave theses to cool slightly and tidy up any spilt crispies, I find it best to use a damp cloth and chase them onto the floor and sweep them up. Excuse the chipped nail varnish :S

Then using a different bowl heat over water about four squares of spare chocolate. When it  has melted take off the heat and use this to individually sweep the bottom of your mini eggs through. Then stick them to the crispy nests in pairs or threes so they look like Easter eggs in a nest. When you start to do this four cubes looks like a lot of chocolate but trust me you use it all.  Once you’ve done this leave to until cold. They taste phitt! Sometimes I wonder if I'm a proper grown up...

Belinda Stepford

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