Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Number 1

Five Things All Ladies Should Have.

One: The skill and ingredients be able to make a perfect Gin and Tonic. A G&T is a drink for every occasion; The glorious reward after a long days cleaning, the sweet bed fellow to a bubble bath and of course the only true sun lounging drink. A Gin and Tonic should make your taste buds flutter with the longing for summer.

Two: An Idol. Whether a iconic movie starlet, a rising academic or simply your mother, finding someone you glamorize and aspire to emulate is important to anyone because it encourages you to improve. Self improvement is what makes us human.

Three: A pair of comfy heels, we all suffer for nights out and special occasions but some days a girl just needs to flaunt her pins. Enter your treasured comfy heels that you will wear until they all apart... To spend the entire day walking tall without pain is a big a confidence boost as a hair cut.

Four: A horrendous god awful poorly knitted Jumper or Cardigan. There is a very logical and reasonable point to this, the boy friend test. If you wear your abomination to taste and he still says you look beautiful then that my dears is a keeper. Bonus points if he'll be seen in public with you.

Five: Confidence. The most abstract of necessities on this list. It can not be quantified and it can not be explained. Everyone has an inner beauty that can shine even when wind swept and muddy on a camping trip a lady with a confident smile can take on anything.

Belinda Stepford

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