Thursday, 29 December 2011

Puppy Pregnancy Update

Lily is looking particularly bulbous lately, she has four days to go before her due date. I can't imagine her getting much bigger. She is wriggling about uncomfortably at the moment, sometimes you can see from the shape of her belly where the puppies are sat inside her. She has started to make little nests, which we're trying to encourage her to do inside the whelping box. We've bought her a play pen, a cage, a whelping box with roll bars and a box all sorts of other medical gubbins for her like stethoscopes and syringes.

 She keeps sighing and panting as the little beans keep wriggling into her diaphragm, its rather sweet but I feel like she is a little sick of being pregnant. It took her twenty minutes to get up the stairs, once she had started there was no safe way to lift her off so I had to let her make her own merry way. I am so very excited about puppies in the house even I have to return back to Winchester no long after they are born. 

Belinda Stepford

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