Thursday, 22 March 2012

Liver Gets Better

Okay so I've already made one post about liver, I get it not totally won over yet are you? Still a bit icky when you think about it? Okay then let me give you a recipe that will change you mind. Pate, is great. I love it on toast with breakfast, I love it with cheese and crackers, over all its just a great food. It is low in fat and protein crazy. So the perfect food. It is also super easy to make and looks really great too.

What you'll need:

The other half of your pack of liver
Olive Oil
Herbs and Spices (mix it up as much as you like this version I added rose petals and paprika to this one)

Firstly chop and fry the livers in olive oil, until they are fully cooked, when you cut them there should be a slight pinkness too them, do not under cook them too much as it can make you sick. That being said over cooked liver tastes revolting and is only really fit for dogs, you can slightly over do pate liver but not too much. Then add them to the food processor.

Then add about quarter up of Amaretto to the pan you cooked the livers in and warm it through while rubbing any bits of meat left stuck to the pan to break them off. Then add half of that to the food processor as well.

Grind and add your spices, I used a mixture of dried rose petals and  a half teaspoon of paprika, the flavours should not be over ridding to the flavour of the pate but complimentary. Then blitz the ingredients in the food processor until they are the consistency you like, I like smooth pate so I blast them on high for at least five minutes, making sure to scrap around the edge occasionally to knock back any pieces above the blade line.

Once thats done add the pate to ramekins or a bowl and press down with a teaspoon until there are no air pockets in the pate, you can bang the container down as well to encourage any air out of the pate itself. You don't want air in the pate as you want to keep it fresh. Then place in the fridge and allow to cool.

Once semi-cool add a lump of butter the left over Amaretto in the pan and heat until totally liquid. Then pour over the pate until the butter is a level seal completely covering the pate, this will help prevent any bacteria growth, it should keep for about three weeks in the fridge. Use within three days once the butter seal has been broken. Place in the Fridge and leave overnight so the butter can solidify.

Best served on hot toast or on crackers with the butter picked off. This recipe is crazy cheap and great for you. There is no excuse not to try it at least once. Go out there and try some lovely liver.

Belinda Stepford

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