Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fending For Ourselves

My Mim was doing a night school class this week and couldn’t make it home in time for tea so my Dad was supposed to be fending for himself, instead I ended up cooking for him. I didn’t mind though. I felt like playing it safe and doing some easy summery food. Venison burgers with green beans and jersey potatoes, sounds a lot fancier than burgers and bits as he put it. The photos miss sections because I foolishly didn't take as many as I normally do.

Pack of Venison Burgers - marks and spencers (Or regular burgers)
Pack of Fine Beans
Pack of Burger Buns
Royal Jersey Potatoes or New Potatoes
Spinach Leaves
Dried Parsley  

Chop in half the larger potatoes so they are all about the same size, then cover with water and put on the hob at a medium heat. Adds a pinch of salt to raise the boiling temperature and leave until boiling.  Once boiling reduce the heat to a simmer, the potatoes should take between 15 and 20 minutes to boil. These burgers take about 12 minutes to cook so when the potatoes have been simmering for around five minutes put the burgers on to cook.

Add some olive oil to a griddle or a frying pan and place the burgers in at equal distances apart. I prefer a griddle because it’s slightly healthier. 

Don’t play with them too much as they can fall apart at this stage.  Leave them alone while you prepare the plates by putting them underneath your grill on a low light to warm up. You can also use this time to cut the buns in half.

When the edges of the burgers are starting to brown, and they feel firmer to the touch when you squish them with the spatula, flip them over. Then tip and tail the Green beans by slicing off the either ends with a knife.

The potatoes should be about ready now, you can tell by stabbing them with a fork and if they fall off the fork once lifted out the water then they are done.  Take them off and drain the water. Put a knob of butter onto the potatoes and sprinkle on some dried parsley. You can use fresh but that really depends on the season.

Take the plates out of the grill and put the buns on the plates and put a handful of spinach leaves on to the buns. The burgers should be done by now so take them out the pan and place them on the buns, add the some tomato sauce or mustard if you like.  Toss the green beans into the pan and shake if the pan is dry add a tiny about of butter.

Plate up the potatoes and also the beans when they are slightly softened. They should spend less than a minute in the pan.  Then serve.

I think the empty plates speak for themselves.  I really enjoy cooking for family, its kind of sad that one of my life ambitions is host Christmas one year in my own house. I think I’ll accept I’m a grown up when I realize that.

Belinda Stepford


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