Sunday, 1 May 2011


This week strolling to Manchester Oxford Road train station at half five in the morning  to make my way home after a night of merriment, still wearing the clothes I slept in and huge sun glasses to cover a multitude of sins. I pondered how there is something profoundly beautiful about cities at night. Whether you are scuttling home after a long night or strolling confidently with all the time in the world. They chill in the air and the quiet, to me anyway, is an exciting calm. Maybe its because I grew up in the city and I don’t see the buildings as dark foreboding monsters instead I focus on the blue light and the distant hum of life. A city is never silent. Some people fear the night because they don’t know what is out there; I think that is half the fun.

Sun Glasses & Granny Bag

 When I got to the train station I found myself surrounded by faceless people on their way to work. They kept casting me looks, admittedly at one point I took a swig from a water bottle and then spat gin down a grate. Life lesson don’t put clear alcohol in water bottles.  The most notable thing to me though was I had a grin on my face as I was still gigging from the party the night before and these people flicking judgmental looks towards me, in their grey ill tailored suits, not one had a smile on their face at any point. I’d rather look a hot mess than be bored and unhappy. When I got into Liverpool a pretty boy flirted with me so that put me in a great mood.  No matter who you are someone flirting with you when you’re feeling slightly worse for wear will make you happy. I then got a bus home, ordinarily I hate buses but nothing was going to kill my mood.  After getting in I showered, changed, slapped make up on my face and headed back out into the world in my oversized sunglasses. I was early for art class with a coffee in hand; luckily I find I am my most creative when I am sleep deprived. Long live the late nights and early mornings. Then the sweet crash of a weekend lie in. 


People where protesting outside my college about the cost of the royal wedding. We get a four-day weekend that it worth all the money in the land thank you very much. Stop raining on our parade grumpy knickers.

Belinda Stepford

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