Sunday, 8 May 2011

Turning failing into winning.

I was in a rush trying to make some fudge the other night and despite my Baileys Fudge blog I didn't measure the liquids properly... Needless to say I put to much in and it didn't set properly. I ended up with a tasty sticky mess that was reminiscent of a tar pit. 


But never fear this can be turned around, like all things in life a failure does not mean that you are out, you just have to get creative. The fudge was now similar to a tacky toffee so I decided on bannoffee pie. Here I met some more difficulties. I had no butter to make a base with, I had no cream to make a topping and I was sort of short of time yet again. Timelessness is the food of genius.  So I made it up. 

Ignore the crumbs its from the biscuits :)

Firstly wine glasses  instead of bowls to add a touch of glamour I crushed two amaretti biscuits per glass and put them in bottom of the glass. I crushed them in the palm of my hand because they are mainly air this makes them easy to crush. You should always have amaretti biscuits in your pantry because they are wonderful, you can make innumerable recipes with them and on there own or with coffee they are delicious. Once you've opened the packet though any left over biscuits should be kept in a air tight container as they go soft quickly in the open air.

Not so neat

On top this I, with difficulty, put a layer of fudgey/toffee mess not too much as its quite sweet. Then I sliced a banana and put a layer in rough circles. 

Always use decent ice cream it makes the difference 

Then I add layer of vanilla ice cream you could use ice cream or sweetened whipped cream and the layer can be however thick you'd like it. Then continue with these layers until the glass is filled. ending with a sprinkling of amaretti. et vou la deconstructed bannoffee pie in about five minutes. It's reassuring to know that just because you have made a mistake does not mean its curtains.  


Belinda Stepford

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