Friday, 13 May 2011

Shopping spree

I know its a bit preemptive to be buying things for university before I've even take my exams but I can't help it, it is such a huge thing for me moving out and being a proper independent person. Okay my parents will probably be footing the bills for a while on the whole but still I'm moving a six hour drive away. Any Americans reading this will think I'm silly for seeing that as huge but England is a tiny wee little island and I'm basically getting as far away as I can without being in another country, which my sister has actually done being at Glasgow. I did buy some Doctor Who bedding the other week which doesn't really count because I used 'For university' as an excuse I wanted that bedding, shame I have a double bed at home I'd live with kids bedding all the time, grown up are so dull. I bought various bedding the most expensive was the Cat bedding at fifthteen pounds from Marks and Spencers and the cheapest was the Dinosaur set from BNH at a grand total of two pounds nighty-nine pence. 

Two Girly Sets and Two Nerdy Sets

First proper thing I bought was a laundry basket because I needed something to store everything in, as apposed to having it in a heap on my floor. Its a tasteful vibrant aqua with deep purple handles. Classy Times. 

Classy Times

I also bought an assortment of kitchen stuff which made me really happy to think its mine, not the families but all mine. Which brings me on to a really sad confession I am BEYOND excited about being able to get my own pestle and mortar, most people going to university are getting excited about the parties, well I've always done all that I'm excited about kitchen wear. My tea towels are super cute too, I don't care if I live with boys the kitchen is getting girly. 

Don't use my cat to measure scale she is OBESE

My Mim bought me some really cute coffee cups, she wasn't sure if I'd want to keep them as coffee cups or to put candles in but I decided to use them as cups because I figured at a later date I can use them for candles, or if they get chipped. 

I'm not a normal student type am I...

I have a list of things I need to sort out before I go its kind of scary and exciting and all sorts of madness but I'm glad I've started. I do not think I'd ever considered how much stuff a person has or needs, things like towels and bed sheets the kind of stuff you always just have about the house I need to buy. A mop thats pretty awesome okay not a like necessity but its cute, it also matches a tea pot my Mim bought for me ages ago, I didn't realise this when I was buying to mop just when I got it home. 


Belinda Stepford

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