Tuesday, 10 May 2011

University ramble

This week Mim,  Dad and I went on a road trip to look at prospective universities. It was my last chance to see them before declaring. There is something about long road trips and their leg cramping exhaustion that is so addictive. As far as university goes Canterbury Christ Church is my firm and Winchester is my security. Heading south to loose the northern twang to my accent, and both are near the countryside and london which is a winwin.  I've sorted everything from finance to housing applications, which for me that level of organisation is brilliant I have a habit of forgetting things. 

The Beach by the campus I'll be on

Lately I've been regressing, I think its the stress of dealing with A level grades, art work, student finance, university applications, searching for a job and still trying to maintain some sort of social life. I've been reminiscing of all my childhood loves. I've started re-watching pokemon from the beginning which is madness when I've got hours of artwork left to complete and coursework over due but I want the distraction. I guess I'm panicked about needing a certain grade to get into university and if i mess up this year then university is far too expensive now the fees have increased.  Time to slap on a smile and get down to work now though. This is no time to get my head in a tizz. I'm smart enough to get through this so I should be able to do it. There are a lot worse things than not getting the grades you need. 

Dad & Me being silly at Charles Dickens House.

Oh and I voted, I think one who can should always vote because you have no right to complain if you had nothing to do with the process. I voted green, not even because I believe in their policies as a whole purely because I disagree with the Labour councilors in my area and I live in a area where voting Conservative is a waste of time because well its Liverpool. So I voted green, the best of a bum lot. It felt terribly grown up to be voting for the first time, yet at the same time I'm already disillusioned with it.

Cue stepford wife mode

When I get stressed I tend to clean cue broken nails and falling asleep with the smell of bleach on my skin. Oh the glamour. I also go mad with the baking.

Belinda Stepford

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