Friday, 16 November 2012

An update on all things

This blog has been slightly dead since august, how sad, I seriously keep meaning to write in it but I've been swamped. That being said this is my 100th post!  University work is in full swing and added to that Student Finance England the utter horrors are being evil to me yet again. Now they have decided that I am only eligible for the bare minimum of funding (not true) and are messing me about "reassessing me" yet again. Its as though everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with them. So I've been on even less funds that last year, if thats possible. I even caved and had my mother buy me a food shop, something I didn't do in first year even though I stock piled in preparation for not having money. I would sincerely like to kick the shins of who ever is in charge of student finance. They belong in the very dankest pits of hell. Anyway, rant over. There has been other more interesting news than my money woes. The house is nearing completion! Work has obviously been slower now my sister and I are back at uni and with my parents both working the build speed has slowed down but some awesome progress has been made. Despite some minor mishaps with feet going through floors and metal beams needing to be put into secure up the utility before it fell down throwing the budget slightly its going okay. The huge Sycamore tree has been cut down in the garden, we've kept some of the wood for the new wood burner.

The kitchen is almost complete it just need the light to go in, to be painted and for the floors to go down. It looks absolutely lovely though, the cooker is a super cute old fashioned looking thing that I'm a little in love with. Even though we couldn't get the little half moon handles we wanted the ones we got aren't a bad replacement and look really sweet. I think my dad and I did a pretty decent job on picking the work tops too.

All the rooms have been lined with paper and the carpets are getting measured sometime this week so progress is ticking on. The bathroom still isn't in even though its supposed to have been done weeks ago. Builders don't half like to drag things out. Parents have also been maniacally sorting out our current house getting ready to rent it out as soon as possible after the move so haven't had time to constantly chase around after slacking workmen.

Thats all really. I've got some plans for future posts so fear not I refuse to become one of those bloggers who posts once in a blue moon complaining they don't post enough, I'm out of the habit but I'm getting back into it I have big ideas for this little site even if it is only really for me.

Belinda Stepford

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