Friday, 9 November 2012

Cafe Direct Coffee Sample

I had a sample of Cafe Direct Coffee arrive today, so I thought I'd share my findings with you. I had pretty high expectations of this coffee, the packaging looked slick, the ethical credentials where there (even the pamphlet the sample came with was sustainably sourced) and when I opened the packet the smell was divine. The Blend they sent me was their full roast strong coffee, supposedly "velvety, rounded and full bodied".

 I unfortunately found it dull, and slightly forgettable. I use my cafetiere as a treat, a ten minute break between essay writing, I stop and just make my coffee. I drink in the smell and the action of plunging my French press. Its the little things that enrich my day. This sample left me utterly cold, with a tiny splash of warm milk it became washed out and uninviting.

My current coffee is Lyons Rich Evening Blend and it is lovely, and I can't ever see me swapping it for a Cafe Direct Coffee now after this disappointment.

Belinda Stepford

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