Monday, 27 February 2012

Freebie Product Review Number One

As promised I'm going to review all the things I got in my gloriously bright yellow Holly Fulton gift bag at London Fashion Weekend. I was not asked to do this and I am in no way sponsored to do this. I also ate the chocolate bar that came in it so that won't be being reviewed...  Anyway first sucker up is... Drum Roll Please.... 

Lavazza Quality Oro Coffee
I have a weakness for coffee, I know I shouldn't because I'm whitening my teeth (which is going amazingly by the way) and sometimes get heart palpitations but oh well.  The vanilla latte I had at London Fashion Weekend was Lavazza brand and it was gloriously creamy, so I was dubious to weather the at home version would stand up to the professional version. 

Firstly when I opened the packet the smell was heavenly, sort of nutty and sweet. The colour was really rich as well, I made mine in a French Press as that is the only coffee maker I currently own.  The sample I got was a medium roast, which was good for me as that tends to be my favourite.

As soon as the hot water hit the coffee the scent really insenified, this really is a fragrant brand. The scent was a lot sweeter than my usual coffee but in a good way. It was more gentle afternoon than brash wake you up scent. I stirred it with a wooden spoon then left it for two minutes before plunging the plunger.

Overall the coffee was really good, the flavour was rich but not over powering. It was a little sweet so I didn't need to add any extra sugar and it wasn't at all bitter. It was a very light enjoyable flavour, probably best suited for evenings or midday. It wasn't punchy enough for mornings. It wasn't as good as the store bought cup but without steamed milk I doubt it could be. Ultimately I would reccomend this coffee as it did taste really great, I just wouldn't go out of my way to buy it.

Belinda Stepford

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