Tuesday, 21 February 2012

News from behind the books

We have our house for next year, it is offial, We've paid the deposits and the forms have been signed. I am beyond happy that we have somewhere to live. The view from the top of our road is amazing, it looks right out onto St Cathrines hill an iron age hill fort that is just beutiful. It looks so dramatic against the huge expanse of sky surrounding it, being at the top of a hill in Winchester feels like standing on top of the world, you can see for miles, truly epic.

In other news my essays are coming along, not finished but I'm only a little stressed about getting them in on time so the blog should return to normal soon, I've neglected my cookery postings for far too long and I'm think of maybe starting to do a look book type post once a week about what I've been wearing seeing as I dress rather uniquely. *cough* like a four year old *cough*

Belinda Stepford

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