Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Puppy News

The puppies have become little adventures. Blossom had a little nibble of her mums food, so mim has started to wean them onto solid food, their reward for eating their worming medicine was some duck pate which they loved so much they practically painted themselves with it. Lily was happy to lick the little mucks clean though.

Ditzy/Darling has been bought, by a lovely school teacher and her sister who had a dachshund when they where little. They are very lovely ladies who will spoil her rotten :)  It will be heart breaking to see her go but we're glad it will be to a good home. We had one enquiry by a woman who gave a very shifty tale about having one that they had to give away because it didn't get on with her cat, when we googled her phone number it came up with puppies for sale. We don't mind selling to a breeder but this lady didn't seem trustable so we told her they where all taken. Now its only Blossom our lovely cream and black lady and little brindle Clem left. Clem has found a great new way of getting attention, sitting in her water bowl crying until someone fishes her out, dries and fusses her. Then when shes put on the heat mat to warm up, crawls right back into the cold water to whinge.

On my day of procrastination the other day I decided that I should get some tickets home to see them before they go, so I did, fifty pounds for a weekend stop over. It could be worse to be fair. I'm really excited to go see them, I have missed them so much. Skype isn't quite the same as cuddling a warm little puppy, not that they are so little anymore.

Belinda Stepford

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