Monday, 30 January 2012

Things to do and all the time to procrastinate

Procrastination is my one true weakness, I really do have the mind of a toddler. Today I have off from uni and I wrote out a list of things to do. 

-Call doctor
- Pestle and SWOT analysis of political events
- Find and analyse marketing articles x 
- read/skim chapters 1-4 of my managing peoples textbook
- Laundry

So far, I have written this blog article, made scrambled eggs on toast with spring onion, drank uncountable cups of tea, and generally been doing nothing of worth. I endeavour to do my best at all the things I put my mind to but I am a terror for putting things off until the last minute. I will get these things done, I will but gak I am putting them off. I always do.

Belinda Stepford

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