Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tooth whitening week 1

So far on my journey in to tooth whitening I've discovered Carbamide Peroxide tastes bloody awful,that mouth trays are a pain to sleep in and that tooth pain is the worst pain ever. I woke up at two am this morning with the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life, screaming from my left canine, which coming from a girl who has smashed her face in, had atrial bleeding and more broken bones than I'd care to count is a lot of pain. Let me tell you vanity isn't easy. Yet tonight the trays are back on, why?, I'll tell you why because it is worth it. White teeth are beautiful so I'm going to put myself through hell for them.  I still have a discoloured patch from where the teeth formed strangely because they came through so early but its getting better. The top ones are frankly messed up, but veneers will fix that. 

The whitening process is pretty simple. I had a mould taken of my teeth at the dentist, within half an hour he had made a plastic tray, similar to a mouth guard, that slots over my teeth. Before bed, or during the day as long as i leave it on for at least an hour, I put Carbamide Peroxide gel into the trays, focusing it at the front. I have 16% and 10% gels. As long as I use the same percent on both sides of my mouth it is fine.  I then sleep in the trays and let the Peroxide work its magic. Its already noticeable. So to hell with the pain I refuse to let nature helm my insecurities any longer. I'm going to buy some Sensodyne tomorrow and get on with my life.  

Belinda Stepford

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