Sunday, 1 January 2012

Second one is out.

This one is a girl, we checked and so is the other one, it can be a little difficult to tell when they are so small. So we have a Angel and a Blossom, we're naming them so its alphabetical for their show names to keep track of how many of them there are. 'Longue Dox Belle' is the prefix show name for the girls, 'Longue  Dox Beau' is the prefix for the boys.

This one is a lot darker than the other, we think the other one will be more dappled and this one will be black and tan. Lily has defiantly got the hang of being a mum now, no scuttling away afraid, she licked her clean straight away and cuddled her close. Our two cats and other dog have been very interested  to see what is in the box but we've been keeping them away as you can never predict how they will react to the pups. There is at least one more to come, you can feel it in her belly, but maybe two more due.  Lily is currently curled up with her babies on the heat mat under blankets and sleeping.

Belinda Stepford

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