Friday, 6 January 2012

Puppy Classifications

Today we had a visit from Bev, the owner of Lewis the stud who is daddy dog to our little things. She was so excited about their progress and had loads of advice on pretty much everything. Bev has eleven dogs, all dachshunds, but she is not a puppy miller, she is just an enthusiast. She doesn't show her dogs, despite them being gorgeous as she doesn't like the way it is run. She was very happy to see how Lily was getting on with the pups. The puppies have a breeding score of 5.7 which is really good, though Lily is 5.4 so Lewis has brought it up its still well below the breed standard, the lower the number the better. Added to that they have be PRA tested and both parents are clear so there is no chance the puppies are affected. Dachshunds are sometime effected by a genetic disorder that can make them blind so responsible breeders don't breed from PRA carriers as the hope is to breed out that genetic strain. Bev also confirmed to colours of the pups so we correctly idenify them on their KC register, I never realised how many colours dachshunds come it, they are one of the most varied coloured breeds. I assumed our puppies where just black and tan, which is like Lily and common but they aren't. They have a mixed bag of genetics. 

Angel is a tricoloured brindle (shes mostly black with a slight cream brindling on her paws and a white flash on her chest). Brindle is similar to spots but less regular, kind of speckled, they used to be considered a flaw but now are really sort after.

Blossom is a black and cream, which is apparently a really sort after colour, added to that both Lily and Lewis have british cream in their genetics. Lilys shire was a cream dog which is currently the most sort after colour so Blossom will be snapped up soon (which will make her sale value roughly 900 - 1000), Bev already has people interested in the pups.  Blossom also has a white flash on her chest which looks absolutely beautiful.

Clementine is a black and cream brindle which is really uncommon too, she looks exactly like Lewis, which Bev adored as none of Lewis' other pups have come out looking so like him. I was so scared last night Lilly in an attempt to move her nest drop Clem out onto our hardwood floors, she is absolutely fine though, puppies at their age are surprisingly resilient. We're keeping a extra close eye on her though. 

Ditzy is a big chunky bruiser, who is black and tan with a white spot on her chest. She has completely stunning regular markings just like her mum, when he coat grows long she is going to be a winner. She is over three hundred grams now and she is only six days old, not bad for a miniature dachshund. 

It will be heart breaking when we come to sell the pups, I think we're going to keep Angel the little runt which will make it a little easier to bare. Bev even though she is prolific breeder finds it heartbreaking still to give her pups away.  Bev also regularly visits her old pups and keeps in contact with all her owners so she can guarantee that they are well cared for which is why we are trusting her network of people to find acceptable homes for our three girls or four if we don't keep Angel... My sister is getting very reluctant to leave them alone as she is leaving for University in the morning. I go back on the tenth, so not looking forward to that.

Later in the day my parents and I went to view a house which was a total wreck but had buckets of potential. Fatherbean is going to see the accountant tomorrow and see if its a viable investment, I do hope they get it I am so terribly bored of our current place and my uni house I can't do anything with as it is rented. A project house could mean I could have a fun place to play with over summer, Mim took me with her as she often uses me to persuade Fatherbean that the house has potential. I have in the past built houses on the sims to show him what we would do to them.  So we will have to wait and see what happens with that one though. 

Belinda Stepford

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