Monday, 23 January 2012

The Plan

I know I'm a little late with the new years resolution plans but I decided to really think about what I want. As an exercise for Events we where asked what we wanted in our life in one, five and ten years. I thought I should write up a brief plan and expand on it. The plan might change, the plan might but unattainable 

This year 2012, age 19- 

  • Graduate first year University with a not embarrassing score  (2.1!)
  • Get 5 followers on my blog 
  • Have a proper holiday abroad (Paris <3)
3 years 2015, age 22-
  • Get a proper job that I enjoy
  • Graduate University with at least a 2.2
5 Years 2017, age 25-
  • Move somewhere exciting and new (preferably buying or part buy)
10 years 2022, age 29-
  • Start my own company 
  • Have a house filled with music, art, people, chickens and books
Belinda Stepford


  1. I thought I'd help you get one closer to your 5 followers :) [Sent by 2X]

  2. Hello,
    I like your blog a lot! I appreciate your thoughts on "real" woman, and also on wearing fur. I don't wear fur because of the horrid backlash I would get from people, though I did have the most gorgeous fur collared vintage jacket, though. There was something about the feeling of the fur up against my cheeks in the winter that made me feel so cozy.

    I'm following you now, and added you to my sidebar, I'd like to keep up on you. (you're almost at five!) my blog is
    Take Care,