Thursday, 12 January 2012

News from the Pack

My mim sent me an email this morning about the puppies it made me miss them all the more. She also held them up on skype for me to see, no eyes open yet.  Beneath is the email she sent to up date you. She also had a phone call from a lady interested in a black and cream, so we might have found Blossom or Clem a home already. 

Good morning daughter darling,
 as promised daily news re the pups, just weighed the hungry little 
 monsters and can't believe how much they weigh:
 Angel was 273 yesterday and now comes in at a whopping 334g
 Blossom or should I rename her Buster? was 371 and now is a fighting 
 Clem well you can stop worry warting about her as she has gone up from 
 273 to 314g overnight!
 Ditzy is looking like the rotti in the box and is now 462g up nearly 
 Feeding Lily salmon and meat rather than dry dog food is putting good 
 stuff in that milk.
 Love Mim and the pack x

Belinda Stepford

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