Sunday, 8 January 2012

Puppies: One Week old

The puppies are officially one week old and utterly thriving. You would not believe how much weight they have gained. Angel is now as heavy as Ditzy 'the tank' was at her birth weight so it is really positive. Clem is slowly putting on weight but still gaining so that is good. Blossom still is huge and a whinge, she constantly peeps and whines when away from Lily. They have got a lot more active as well, they used to just push themselves about using their back legs, now they are seal crawling all over each other and mum. They are due to open their eyes on the tenth, which is the date I go back to uni, I think I'll cry. I want to steal them all. My sister already left and I don't envy her.

I bathed Lily today as the puppies are big enough to be left alone for a while, while I dried her off. She was really well behaved and let me use the hair drier to warm her up.  She looks a lot better now she is bathed as she was quite crusty. Now she smells lovely.

After her bath though she was running up and down rubbing on the rug to dry herself more and our other dog Rolly tried to play. She was not impressed with this and jumped in her nest. He then tried to follow and chaos broke out. Lily went to savage him, I grabbed the puppies so they didn't get squished. Lily followed me as I had the pups, leaving Rolly in the nest. I put the puppies on the couch, with a cushion in the way so no one could fall off and unceremoniously dumped Rolly out the box. Then sent him to the kitchen. We've now erected a play pen cage and we've brought his cage in so he has a bed in the living room too. Rolly is not impressed, he has shown no aggression to the pups but I think he is missing Lilys company.

Belinda Stepford

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