Tuesday, 3 January 2012

News on the Puppies

We took the pups to visit the vet today, Bev the lady who owns the Stud we used Lewis came along to see the babies. She was so excited to see them, she was very impressed with their markings, as both parents have champion lines the pups turned out well. The vet weighted, checked over and listened to all the pups in turn. Angel is a healthy weight of 160g, she is just comparatively smaller than the others. Blossom is 260g which is a good brute of a weight. The major surprise was Ditzy who weighted in at 270g, she and Blossom are so much bigger than Clementine and Angel so we have to make sure they aren't pushed out by the bigger two. 

Angel has also managed to suckle on her own without being put on the teat so the worry is over, the vet couldn't guarantee that she didn't have a cleft pallet because she refused to open her mouth for him, but he said if she suckles and there isn't milk bubbles then its highly unlikely she has one. The concern the pups might have cleft pallets is that one of Lewis' previous pups had one, though that might have just been a fluke caused in the womb (like Angels tail) the pup had to be euthanised so Bev wanted the vet to be thorough with our puppies.  As it goes thought they are all doing well and Lily seems very proud of her brood.

Belinda Stepford

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