Monday, 2 January 2012

Third is out and healthy

The third was a very nerve wrecking birth, Lily hardly had any contractions or showed signs of birthing and within the space of a minute she went from not even remotely looking like she would birth to having legs sticking out of her. Hind legs... we had a breach, Mim had to help pull the pup out. The poor thing took a few to many seconds before coughing into life, Lily licked her a bit then set about cleaning the nest so we set about rubbing her with a towel and shaking her awake. Shes currently curling up to mum squeaking happily. So now we wait to see if shes the last or if we've got another on the way. We've been giving the older pups formula in syringes as Dachshunds don't feed their pups until the last one is out and as its been such a long birth we decided it would be best to keep them going. 

Belinda Stepford

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