Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lessons one.

The best quote I've read in a long time ' Showing up to a networking event without business cards is like showing up to a drug deal unarmed' - David Lat from abovethelaw.com I have been deliberating for a while weather I should get buissness cards or not for a while, I mean I'm an Events Management student how well I network is how well I'll potentionally do in my future. Then again would buissness cards from a student look tacky? Well this quote shoved me over the fence and I bought buissness cards, well free ones from VistaPrint but you know I am a student after all.  They arrived looking stark and stylish, one problem I'd put .com not .co.uk as my email. Fail. Utter Fail. So now I have two hundered and fifty useless cards and an order for some new ones in the post. I really thought I had registered .com I am almost always .com but apparently I had a spaz and registered .co.uk I tried to register .com but it is apparently taken but inactive. Wonderful.

Lesson one ladies always proof read. 

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