Saturday, 11 February 2012

More News From The Pack

The puppies are growing and becoming even more adventurous. They are starting to get their little miniature dachshund faces, looking less like potato puppies. They are also starting to get their long hair and wavy ears.  They have new favourite toy that they love to pull and chew, a pheasant, which I think is hilarious considering I have a hate for pheasants that descends from a childhood camping incident in a snowy February that shall never be forgotten. 

They have also made great friends with Patches are rather rotund cat who likes to baby-sit them, we think she actually think she is a dog. She tries to follow when you take the dogs for walks and likes to greet you at the door as well. 

I think my Mim wants to keep Blossom, she has really bonded with her and she is a perfect breeding/show dog. Her temperament is so laid back and lovely, and her markings are just spot on. She really a beautiful cream and tan dog. I can understand completely why she wants to keep her. I just can't help wanting Angel, I really do prefer Angel. Its so silly I do love Blossom but if it was up to me I'd have Angel. If she goes to anyone I think Angel will be going to a family friend Carol, who to be honest I'd rather her to go too than a stranger. So now really its only Clem who is looking for a home, she is really sweet but its funny none of us bonded with her as much as Angel or Blossom, though I guess we where being realistic we couldn't keep them all. 

In other news, I've got my house sorted for next year, I'm signing the contracts this week. I'll be living with one of my current house mates, Laura and three others. We're all great friends and I think we will have so much fun living together. The house is lovely, I mean its by no means perfect it is a student house after all. The furniture is obviously not in the best of conditions and the kitchen is tiny, but it has two bathrooms, a garden, great views, and is near the university. Fabulous. 

Belinda Stepford

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