Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Simple Meals

In our house we regularly cook for one another and tonight my housemate Laura took the helm and decided to make her and I a lovely tasty dinner. She made ciabatta with Black olive tapenade and mozzarella and Pancettea salad. It was beyond amazing. So simple but really filling.

Firstly she chopped the ciabatta and drizzled it in olive oil, then put it in the oven at a high heat. She then thinly sliced the mozzarella, and shredded some lettuce into a bowl. She also put finely chopped pancettea onto a low heat to cook.

Once the ciabatta was lightly toasted she covered it in tapenade and placed a slice of mozzarella on top of each slice. These then where returned to the oven to melt. Then she drained the fat from the now cooked pancettea and tossed the pancettea with the lettuce. Finally drizzling some olive oil dressing lightly on the salad to flavour it.

Once the cheese was melted she served. Plates where cleared, this dish is so simple yet so full of flavour you would not believe. It would also make great canapés or a started.  This is why I love living with Laura she makes me tasty food.

Belinda Stepford

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